High-End Minerals

Pangang Titanium Industry Co Ltd is a leading supplier of TiO2 pigment and offers a full spectrum of non-pigmentary, anatase, and rutile pigments, We are supplying high-quality TiO2 from China TiO2 pigment plants through the sulfate process and Chloride process. Now well-known grades are R-248, R-248+, R-298, CR-350, R-5566, R-5568, R-5569.
Our innovative TiO2 pigments are used widely in paint, coatings, plastic, paper, ink, ceramic, synthetic fibers (polyester and polyamide ), engineering plastic and SCR, etc.
We also have the specialist pigments conform to stringent global purity and safety levels and are supplied in line with FDA and EN171 and international food and drink regulations.
We offer specific application technology, extensive technical support, and value-added services.
We manage the business regionally, holding leading market positions across China and continuously expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, America, and Africa regions.
We set high safety standards within the industry and operate in line with the “safety first” principle.
We strive to contribute towards greater sustainability in all industries and applications.
You are most welcome to contact us at sale@pangang-titanium.com